What is Band of Brothers?

Band of Brothers (BoB) is a men’s support network based in Canberra. Our weekly meetings bring together men from churches across the city, from all walks of life and backgrounds.

We believe that every man should live the life they are meant to live. A life with purpose and direction. A life bigger than themselves. We believe that families, workplaces and society in general thrive when men live out their purpose.

What do we believe?

It is not good for man to live a self-centred life or to be socially and emotionally isolated from those around him.

Men find purpose in providing and taking responsibility for their family, friends and workplaces. Provision is not simply financial support but also providing spiritual guidance, emotional support and being available.
We believe in protecting and assisting those who cannot help themselves.

We believe Jesus Christ is the resurrected Son of God and under his kingship men can live the life they are meant to live. We believe that Jesus Christ is ‘The way and the truth and the life’ (John 14:6).

For more information check out Our Creed.

Who can attend Band of Brothers?

Band of Brothers is open for all men over 18 years of age. Being a Christian is not a pre-requisite to attend. We believe honour should be extended to all men regardless of belief or background.

The reality is that some men find it near impossible to fit into church for a variety of reasons. Some men feel they have to be ‘fake’ to fit in.

BoB is a place where men can be themselves.

We don’t pull men up for swearing. We don’t distance ourselves from men who have drug problems, who just got out of jail, addicted to porn, alcohol issues, or even mental issues. Hate the sin, not the man!

Band of Brothers format

7:00 pm Doors Open

7:30 pm Official start

Host introduces BoB and program for the night

  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Preaching
  • Short Break
  • Small groups

9:30 pm finish